Edward "Eltmon" Becker is a full-stack e-commerce, telecom, and infrastructure software solution architect, manager, and hands-on developer with over two decades of professional experience.

In addition to consulting to several Fortune 50 companies, I also produce several music, video, and software side-projects which are released under Eltmon Productions.

I am happily married with six children, a cat, and some fish.

Edward 'Eltmon' Becker

My work

A small sampling...




An open-sourced Music group listening and recommendation engine.

For the past 10 years or so, I've been working on services and algorithms to play music that my friends, family, and I have in common.

It started as a simple Media Monkey script that just allowed me to listen to my personal music library in the way I wanted to listen to music, based on my personal ratings of songs in my library and the songs that had played immediately before.

It then evolved into a service, so that my wife and I could both rate music separately, and I enhanced it so that the room would adapt to both of us as we came and went.

I've spent many years refining it with help from family, friends and neighbors, and it's served us very well from our time alone to when we have gathered together at our larger parties.

In August 2015, I decided to open source the project so that other's can utilize and help contribute to the ideas behind this project.

Music is the most poignant indicator of how people get along, and I believe the algorithmic approaches that I've implemented to allow people to appreciate similar music together is, quite simply, a force for good.

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Stephanie Roberts

Second Choice

Stephanie Robert’s debut album, “Second Choice.” Singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Stephanie Roberts is an upcoming pop artist with style and flair.

With a fresh unique, sound, she manages to create a friendly pop album with her freshman release.

View singles on iTunes

Stay tuned for the re-issue of the full album coming soon!

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Consulting work

An abbreviated resume of my consulting work...

Solution Architecture | Software Development Management

Hands-on Development | Program Management



Edward has extensive experience putting together strong teams, including hiring, managing, and mentoring talent, as well as providing quality hands-on management, reliable architecture, and robust technical solutions. Edward took part in hundreds of complete product life cycles (Large-scale, Medium-sized, and many small scale) with extensive experience in object oriented analysis, design methodologies, and developing programming, standards and procedures. He researched, analyzed, designed, and recommended solutions for IT application systems, E-commerce, telecom, and architectural strategies utilizing technologies including Cloud (AWS and Azure), SOA (Service Orientated Architectures), Java/J2EE, HTML, Javascript, CSS, , .NET, Android, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, UML, Win32 API, .NET, XML, SOAP, REST, RMI, JNDI, CORBA, LDAP, TCP/IP, HTTP, HTML, XML, JTAPI, MGCP, RTP/CP, WAP, JavaScript and numerous other RFCs and ITEFs. Edward has excellent oral communication and technical writing skills.

His recent career focus has been reorganizing teams and architectures to utilize recent advances in Microservices, Cloud development and deployment, and Domain Driven Design.


Operating Systems: Mac, Unix, Linux, Windows

Frameworks: Play Framework, Angular, Knockout.js, Node.js

Datastores: NOSQL (DynamoDB), Memcache, Reddis, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Application Services: AWS (Amazon Web Services), Heroku, Apache/Tomcat/Jakarta, Broadvision

Project/Issue Tracking: TFS, JIRA, Mingle, Rally, Trello, MS Project w/ CCPM, Rational

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, XP, RAD, RUP, CCPM, Waterfall

Current studies: Domain Driven Design, Akka Actor models, Scala


Expedia (via Staffing Technologies and Launch Consulting) Aug 2015 - Present

Solution Architect/Sr. Developer

o Dev Ops Tools Team: Architected and developed in-house cloud-based notification service that allows service creators and operators to self-subscribe to service event notifications.

o Dev Ops Continuous Integration Team: Developed several enhancements to new internal continuous integration solutions which allow services across the company to utilize a common delivery pipeline and leverage templates defining continuous integration workflow steps common across many services, and migrated internal services to utilize internal workflow system to replace Jenkins workflow.

o Dev Ops Misc: Contributed to their open sourced "Seiso.io", which creates a shared view of all devop-domain data across a variety of teams and disciplines.

o TPM Team: Developed chrome extension to aggregate in-house A/B Test and Learn analytics and Trello tasks into a dashboard to allow TPM's to easily identify points of sale anomalies.

Technical Program Manager

o Led effort to measurably increase the quality of images and attribute data for car rentals.

o Oversaw and contributed to creation of a new Car API tailored as a Microservice.

T-Mobile (Via Pro-Karma) Mar 2014 – July 2015

Development Manager

o Managed 12 sprint teams and migrated MetroPCS.com from dedicated data center utilizing .NET to Amazon Web Services utilizing Java, Websphere Commerce, and TIBCO Middleware (Integrating with Amdocs Billing and SAP supply chain services), with functional feature parity and enhanced scalability. Presented executive-level updates and status.

o Delivered several additional Enterprise projects on the new platform.

o Transitioned development and operations to new managed vendor.

o Setup governance and vendor management engagement models.

Cequint (Subsidiary of TNS) Feb 2012 – Nov 2013

Platform Team Manager

o Managed team of 14 direct reports to develop and maintain cross-carrier, cross-device platform used for carrier-specific applications. Led development of call-waiting on native Android platform.

Verizon Enhanced Caller ID Technical Project Manager

o Responsible for scheduling, resourcing, and critical path management of Verizon-specific Enhanced Caller ID project. Project integratsed components ranging from Service Control Points to TNS LIDB Services to end-user devices, including Motorola, Samsung, LG, HTC, and more.

Sogeti Consulting Apr 2008 – Feb 2012

Clearwire (2009-2012)

Development Manager/Program Manager

Clear.com/Clearwire.com (Development Manager)

o Responsible for development and sustainment of clear.com/clearwire.com. Managed a team of 12+ engineers. Coordinated requirements, implementation, and solution delivery.

Clearwire Partner Services API (Program Manager)

o Managed Clearwire’s relationships with over a dozen partners (Including Dell, Lenova, Best Buy, Red Ventures).

o Managed requirements and development schedules for new API features.

o Cross-functional collaboration with several IT departments.

Clearwire Wholesale Order Entry and Wholesale API (Development Manager)

o Managed development of Wholesale Order Entry and API integration for Comcast, Time Warner, and Sprint. Integrated with BOSS and Amdocs backends.

Motricity (2008-2009)

Program Manager

Mobile Media Platform

o Responsible for sustainment of Motricity’s mobile media platform, which delivers WAP content (Ringtones, Images, Alerts on Demand, etc…) to customers for major carriers, including T-Mobile, AT&T, Virgin UK, and more.

Independent June 2011 – Present

Proof of Concept - zMusicCafe.com

o Hands on development and open-sourcing of social music sharing service that recommends music based on all music preferences of users in a room. Integrated with Google YouTube Data API, Napster (Formerly Rhapsody) APIs, last.fm, and Facebook. Deployed on Heroku on top of Amazon Web Services. Utilizes responsive HTML/CSS design. Also developed native Android prototype.

Independent Consultant Oct 2007 – Feb 2008

MyDashboard.Me Social Network Web 2.0 Aggregator

o Founded, designed, and developed MyDashboard.Me (http://mydashboard.me), a social-network aggregator that aggregated information from several social networks: Flickr, Digg, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon Wishlist, Facebook, Last.Fm, and RSS feeds. Developed and deployed using Ruby on Rails. Required extensive utilization of R.E.S.T, ATOM, and RSS API’s.

Empire Facebook application

o Produced a Facebook application, “SocialEmpire”. Developed with Ruby on Rails utilizing the RFacebook API to showcase and demonstrate Agile Rapid Application Development and Web 2.0 technologies.

World Vision (YohIT)

o Created internal information portal for use by the World Vision Board of Directors. Utilized Microsoft SharePoint.

Solutions IQ - Technical Program Manager Aug 2005 – Oct 2007


Program Manager

Business Scorecard

o Managed a business score card project leveraging Microsoft’s Performance Point Planning Server and Monitoring Server. Worked with Windows Client Finance (WinFin), Platform & Services Division (PSD), and Performance Point core teams (PPS) to showcase Performance Point capabilities, deliver working scorecard platform for PSD, and deliver working scorecards to WinFin for subsequent presentation to Microsoft Executives. Responsible for team creation, budget management, presentations, and all other project management duties.

Technical Services and Engineering

o Managed several infrastructure initiatives for Microsoft’s internal Technical Services and Engineering division, including assisting in the development and documentation of the division’s engagement model, enhancing internal programs to enhance accountability and business intelligence, and fostering collaboration amongst other Microsoft divisions.

o Worked with over 30 Program Managers to provide director level reporting on the status, budget, and release cycles of over 30 projects.

EU Protocol Documentation Effort

o As part of the Microsoft Work Group Server Protocol Program, assisted Microsoft in achieving European Union compliance as required by EU Antitrust ruling by reviewing developer documentation and ensuring it met the standards set forth by the trustee.

Department of Justice/European Union Anti-trust Compliance

o Documented internal programs, processes, and tools that allow Microsoft Product Teams to analyze their level of compliance as required by Department of Justice and European Union Anti-trust decrees: Specifically, to be able to ensure APIs used by shipping products were documented onMSDN. These programs and processes involved both manual and automated processing. Coordinated cross-division knowledge management between Microsoft’s Technical Services & Engineering division, Policy and Compliance Engineering, and all Microsoft Product divisions.

Expedia, Inc.

Program Manager

Expedia Core Platform

o Managed various next-generation booking technology initatives as a Program Manager, with focus on the administration and error handling aspects. Key objectives were to allow a more robust, extensible architecture for the Expedia platform, support booking for existing points of sale, be independant of client and Line of Business implementations, and move the technology dependencies from C++ to Java. Gathered requirements across cross-functional teams. Collaborated extensively with Finance and DMO (Data Mangement) teams.

Expedia Configuration Management

o Managed internal Software Configuration Management initiative. Worked with corss-functional teams throughout the company to define and develop technical solutions and best-practices required to manage software configuration workflows.

o Required extensive governance and regulatory quality assurance standards and practices requirement gathering including ISO acceptance and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance.

o Solution included managing configuration files, property files, registry files, build configurations, and deployment configurations in a centralized, versionable, data store.

Architect/Developer 1996 - 2005

G.E. Energy (2004-2005)

Architecture and Development

o EnternetSuite Transmission Switching Application (TSA)

▪ Developed additional function and features for G.E.’s XA/21 system, a SCADA system using an advancedopen systems architecture with full graphics, power system application, historical information storage and retrieval, and RDBM technology.

▪ Added ability to setup and execute pre-planned job steps for replacing paper-based workflows with an electronic, automated process.

o TSA Annotation/Visualization custom

▪ Architected and developed a custom-plugin to allow operators to identify documents and jobs related to a plant item directly on the GUI network diagrams.

Law Logix, Inc (2004)

● Upgraded web system (www.lawyersquotesfast.com) (ColdFusion) platform with new requirements and implementated better lawyer/case/client workflow management.

Consoritum for Software Based-Education

o Began a not-for-profit venture to allow educational software developers to interoperate using XML-based open standards.


FutureWorld Learning Center – Not For Profit (2003-present)


● Built child-safe, fully networked kiosk-style computer learning center. Learning center expanded to two centers, and has been adopted and endorsed by theChicago Board of Education. The system is currently undergoing an evaluation of a wider implementation over the entire city by theChicago Park District. Joint-Funding provided by Health and Human Services and the Chicago Park District. Developed programming and development standards and procedures.

Architect/Developer 2001 - 2003

EKI Consulting/City of Chicago (2001-2003)

Architecture and Development

Kraft Advertising Production Estimate Workflows

o Developed using Websphere Application Developer Studio and deployed on Websphere, consisted ofentity and session beans (EJBs) and allowed integration with existing legacy Domino Notes servers. Used Struts (JSP/Servlet MVC patterns) for front-end. Used Oracle for database.

City of Chicago Online-Bill Payment System

o Offered the ability to pay parking tickets, water bills, and special events (ie Taste of Chicago) online. Developed/deployed underBroadvision Billing 6.0, front-end based on Struts (JSP/Servlets). Used Oracle for database. Architect and Developer roles.

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